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VISION CONSULTANCY also provides airport pickup service in Canada. When your flight reach at Canada airport, our office member will be there to pick you from airport. We provide your complete airport pick up service so that you feel not alone. After pick, we also provide you proper place where you can stay until your study has been completed.

We provide you proper guidance for stay there and also give information about Canada so that you can adjust easily without any hesitation.


Program Selection

Canadian Colleges & Universities offer thousands of courses, with multiple specializations and unlimited options which makes it difficult for a student to make the right choice. We will make a careful selection and suggest you the right course, based on your preference, academic background and future plans.We will make sure that you should select the right program.


Admission in SPP Colleges

What is SPP?
SPP stands for Student Partners Program. SPP is designed in partnership between the Canadian Visa Offices in India and The Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) for the purpose of improving the outcomes of visa applications for Indian students who are aiming for studies abroad.

What is so special about SPP Colleges?
Applying under SPP increases the probability of getting visa.

What are the advantages of applying under SPP?
Fast visa processing
Advance medicals reports
Quality of the institutions is assured
Less documents required for visa
Income Tax Proof not required

We will help you in making the right choice in pursuing their education in Canadian institutions. Vision Consultancy works with several leading SPP Colleges and universities of CANADA, facilitating smoother and easier admission process for our students.


Career Counselling

We have several Career Counsellors who can help you explore your career options.
Our counsellors are skilled in helping students identify their career options, make career decisions, and implement effective job search strategies. They may suggest career assessments if you are uncertain about what you want to do, or may use other approaches to help you begin planning for a fulfilling career.



On Campus Accommodation - On-Campus accommodation is an ideal option for those who love to socialize and interact.
Off Campus Accommodation - Home stay is a popular option for students seeking an off-campus accommodation. Here, students get to stay with a Canadian family.
This enables them to experience the Canadian lifestyle, customs, and traditions. Many families in Canada arrange home stay for international students, offering full-boarding with meals or without meals.
Rental Accommodation - Students can opt to join together and rent an apartment and stay together.
We also help to our students to find a cheap and affordable accommodation on share basis or as per their budget.


Job Assistance

With study visa, we also provide the facility to our students for doing job there so that they can earn something. We assist the students to do job side by side with study so that they can earn and learn something new. If they do job they can earn something which can help them to live easily in Canada.


Visa Guidance And Settle In Canada

Want to settle in Canada?? No worry, we are here to provide visa guidance which can help you to settle in Canada. Everybody wants to settle in Canada, but it's not any easy task. It's long time process to settle in Canada. If you get the student visa and also want to settle in Canada, then you must remember some things which can help you to settle in Canada. You should have to complete the study by following the proper rules and regulations, if you not complete the study then your study visa will be disapproved and you will not settle in Canada in future and you will lost the chance to settle in Canada.